Kitchen Garden, poppies, bees, me and my cat. Amsterdam
  • The Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam is one of the oldest botanic gardens in the world. Located in the city centre of the Dutch capital, the garden is a beautiful and intimate place with an unique collection of plants. In the midst of busy city the Hortus offers an oasis of tranquillity, a flowery relief in the urban busyness.

    The garden invites you to walk, observe and enjoy. Admire flowers, smell herbs, learn plant names, just relaxed in the sun - or in the shade or take a coffee at  the most beautiful terrace of Amsterdam, surrounded by exotic container plants: it is all here.

  • Beekeeper

    Hong Kong is home to more than 7 million people. Amongst the high rise apartments, product designer Michael Leung founder of HK Honey, has created his own space bringing nature back into the metropolis one box at a time.

  • Watering the herbs garden at the hotel

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    Just fruit and juice in a mold from the 99 cent store.

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  • An experiment on how to use different types of urban waste to grow mushrooms

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    Gardening with repurposed objects” is a recurring theme here on Gardens in Unexpected Places.

    Today, I’m pleased to add this item to the mix: a boombox garden

    A pretty good new use for a dead boombox, isn’t it?

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    One home to rule them all
    Step inside (watch your head) a Hobbit-esque ‘Low-Impact Woodland Home’ built in Wales for less than $5,000.